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Round Table: This is how food startups get everything right when it comes to shipping

Our Food Innovation Camp Round Table enters the second round with a new video. The topic of the day is food shipping, which confronts food startups with an online shop with very special challenges and is crucial for customer satisfaction. Hinrich Carstensen from EinStückLand, Andreas Wegelin from Tastillery and Ivonne Sokoll from shipcloud share their experience with us. shipcloud is supporting the Food Startup Partner Dossier.

You have created a great new food product, that tastes really delicious and is also very healthy. Or simply quite extraordinary and nowhere else available. You have used all your creativity in the packaging design and have already received your first orders via your online shop. Now you only have to ship the goods. But this “only” has to be put in big quotation marks, because a smooth shipping is an essential factor for customer satisfaction, which leads to further orders.

We answer the most important questions about the shipping of food products

Find out which pitfalls are waiting for you and how you can master them all at our new Food Innovation Camp Round Table. Among other things, the following topics will be discussed:

  • How to find the right shipping partners.
  • How to automate your shipping as much as possible.
  • What you have to consider, when it comes to the drop height of parcels.
  • How you can organize your tracking in the most customer-friendly way.
  • Which advantages and disadvantages a certified carton has.
  • How to prepare for an increased order volume after a TV appearance.
  • How to make packaging and shipping as sustainable as possible.

Our video deals with this and much more. The experienced guests will ensure a lively and highly informative round of talks:

Ivonne Sokoll works for shipcloud. As a service provider, the company offers the best shipping solution for every case and counts numerous startups among its customers. Find out more about shipcloud here.

Hinrich Carstensen is one of the founders of EinStückLand. Together with Lina-Louisa Kypke, he is committed to conscious meat consumption and pays particular attention to ensuring, that the goods always arrive fresh. You can read here, how cowsharing works.

Andreas Wegelin is one of the founders of Tastillery. This startup sends out high-quality spirits in tasting boxes and standard bottles – as unbroken as possible. Like Hinrich, he has already had an appearance at “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

If you want to know more about shipping: We are planning an online workshop specifically designed to meet the needs of food startups. Find out more about it soon!

The Food Startup Partner Dossier

Food startups are always on the hunt for the right partners, regardless of whether they are just starting out or are already established. In our Partner Dossier you will find the best from the areas of legal, production & packaging, marketing & sales, investment and networking. This is where founders can get answers to burning questions, insider tips, names and contacts and read exclusive field reports. Regular readers of the Partner Dossier are thus always fully informed about all relevant topics. Our Partner Dossier is financially supported by shipcloud.

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