gleem Küche

gleem – a food startup with its own production kitchen

The Food-Startup gleem produces its gluten- and sugar-free sweets in its own production kitchen and also offers subletting.
Collage Kochen für Helden

Kitchen Guerilla takes up the fight against the gastronomy crisis

The food company Kitchen Guerilla is defying the Corona crisis in cooperation with other gastronomes with numerous campaigns.

How vegan fish meat will soon be on everyone’s lips

Jacek Prus is a co-founder of the startup Kuleana and explains what it means to create vegan alternative fish meat for such a meat-loving market as ours.
MosaMeat Burger

The eight hottest clean meat-startups

Nowadays, those who want to eat their meat with a better conscience choose Clean Meat. We present to you the 8 hottest in-vitro startups!

The eight hottest startups for vegan alternative food

We will introduce you to the 8 coolest startups for vegan alternative nutrition and provide you with some exciting facts about them!