Shanghai Mate brews fresh and does not need sugar

You should mark September 17th in your calendar, because that’s when our online pitch goes into the second round! Once again, six food startups will present their products to an expert jury and the Internet audience. The winner automatically qualifies for the final selection for the FIC 2020 FOOD AWARD. Lara Maria Schön from SHANGHAI MATE has already spoken in a short interview today.

Please introduce yourself at the beginning! Who stands behind your startup and how did you meet?

SHANGHAI MATE was founded in August 2019 by Lara Maria Schön, Petra Schön and Dirk Frauenheim. During her studies at the DHBW, Lara had the idea to turn her daily mate tea into a refreshing drink for people, who have to perform daily and live consciously. Meanwhile the team consists of 5 motivated employees.

Shanghai Mate

What does SHANGHAI MATE do and how was the product idea born?

The problem is: All other manufacturers of mate soft drinks use mate extract, which only serves as an aroma, lots of sugar and chemical caffeine.

Our solution: We brew the mate tea leaves really fresh, which ensures that the natural caffeine is ideally dissolved from the leaves and all the valuable ingredients are retained. Instead of sugar we use the natural sweetener Stevia.

The product idea came to Lara during her studies, but the actual development of the recipe took place together with her father, Dirk Frauenheim, in his brewery in Shanghai. This is where the name SHANGHAI MATE comes from.

The production takes place in our home, the Black Forest, with much love and good water.

What was your biggest challenge as a food startup so far?

Selling despite Corona.

What can we expect from you in our pitch?

The presentation of SHANGHAI MATE as a completely new mate soft drink and a small insight into our new online sales strategy.

Where do you see your startup in 12 months?

Through our new online sales strategy we have sold 25,000 cans of SHANGHAI MATE in the last three months. We hope to be much better positioned online in 12 months and have even better contacts with the trade market by then.

Pictures: Shanghai Mate