Welcome to the Food Innovation Camp Club!

The Food Innovation Camp (FIC), which takes place once a year at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, has become an absolute obligation event for the industry within the last years. Food retailers, the media, the investment scene, the catering and hotel industry and, of course, startups – everyone whose heart beats for food – have found their ideal get-together here. With the launch of the FIC website we have already taken the first step towards digitalising the event, now we are taking the next one. Raising the curtain for the Food Innovation Camp Club! In this article we will tell you what to expect there and what advantages the club offers its members.

Just one Food Innovation Camp per year – not enough for us, that was clear to us for quite some time. That’s why we launched the website for the FIC in the second half of 2019. It has been providing you with fresh information from the food scene ever since. Right from the start it was clear, that this was only the first step towards the digital expansion of the camp. Therefore, the trend to move events to the internet, which was fired by the Corona crisis, was additional motivation, but not the only trigger for our new ideas.

One of the FIC’s basic principles, for example, is to present new and yet unknown exhibitors to its audience. But what happens to the startups, that have already had their appearance at the camp, but still want to attract attention with new products and concepts? A membership in the FIC Club opens new doors for them, as it does for all other members. These are the four pillars of the Food Innovation Camp Club:

The Lookbook


The Lookbook is like a digital fair catalogue in which FIC Club members can present their latest products. Former exhibitors are just as welcome here as absolute newcomers. The Lookbook will be published regularly and will be sent to the FIC Mentor Network. More than 100 decision makers from trade, investment, press, gastronomy and hotel industry are waiting for your information and will contact you, if they are interested!

The virtual pitch

What would the startup world be without pitches? Exactly, quite boring, which is why we will go online in July with our first virtual FIC pitch. Six startups from the FIC-Club will then be able to present themselves live to the public and a professional jury. All jury members and selected mentors will receive samples of the products in advance, and we will also raffle off boxes of your delicacies. The result is an optimal combination of the digital and real world.

The pitch is one of the highlights of the Food Innovation Camp. We’re putting it on the Internet now. (Photo: Stefan Groenveld)

The Academy

Our greatest asset is the extensive network, that we have built up around the Food Innovation Camp in recent years. FIC Club members thus gain access to companies and personalities that are otherwise hard to get hold of. Membership also makes it much easier for startups to exchange experiences with one another.

You are curious and want to learn more about the Food Innovation Camp Club or even become a member? Then fill out the contact form on our club page or simply write an email to info@hamburg-startups. We are looking forward to meeting you!